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a few photos from barcelona


So, as you may or may not know, my beloved travel bag (and the entirety of its contents) was lifted by a very smooth thief at a popular Barcelona brunch spot yesterday morning. Nothing ultimately irreplaceable was lost (we're lucky our passports and Turkish residency permits weren't in there), but all of my camera stuff was. You win some, you lose some. Bright side is, I was in the market anyway for a new lens...? 

In the interest of full disclosure the past few days have been a little nightmarish, with the stress of the lost bag and some strange temper Aaron has been in, but here are some photos from the highlight reel of our time here so far . . . 


(still getting along here!)


(jamon in a cone)


(a photogenic corner)


(some beautiful light fixtures in our Barcelona apartment)


(two friends on a Sunday afternoon)


(camera, v. 2.0)


hello from barcelona (and some news)


Hello! We're currently enjoying a long holiday in Spain. Per the above photo, I'm working on setting a new record for espresso consumption. Josh and Aaron are doing the same, except with jamón. I'm jittery and they're oily. :)

The news: If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I am participating in the sixth volume of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries. Ever since Aaron's birth, I have such an appreciation of well-made baby gear that is also beautiful: tons of baby items fit into one category, but not the other! Given that we have basically stopped using a stroller in hilly Istanbul, it's a bright spot everyday to be able to carry Aaron in a sling that's sturdy, compact, and—last, but not least!—gorgeous. I've also found that as Aaron gets more wiggly and the baby-wearing experience becomes more of a hop-on, hop-off situation, the ring sling has become my favorite option. I've been using the one I own daily since last January, and am really excited to be part of this project for the next six months. I hope you'll enjoy following along. 

Have a wonderful day, and some photos from Barca comin' right up this week!


shaolin temple

DSC_1424 copy

Just realized I haven't done any oldies round-ups for a while, so here's several I came across from our visit to Shaolin Temple (you know, as in kung-fu!) several years back. It's actually located in my home province in China. 

We are soaking up our last days here—lots of long walks, meals with friends—and headed to Spain in a few days. It's my sister's 21st birthday and all of us (her, the three of us, and my parents) are meeting in Barcelona for a week. We're used to zipping in and out of Istanbul for short weekend trips, so Josh and I are really going to relax and enjoy the luxury of a longer trip and, hello, the best babysitters ever! Would love to hear any tips and recommendations, if you have any. 





DSC_1427 copy



some flowers for the weekend


Hope you have a good one. It's our last (!) weekend in Istanbul; we're here until the end of the month, but headed to Spain next week for a week or so. We're looking forward to it, but, you know.

DSC_1015 copy

DSC_0987 copy_edited-1

DSC_0994 copy





on leaving, etc.


So. Leaving Istanbul kinda sucks. 

We, obviously, knew our time here wasn't permanent by any means, and, yes, there are a ton of things that I don't like about this completely crazy and baffling city. But, at the end of the day, I invested a lot in it. And, just when I felt like I was getting into the swing of things, which takes about a year—maybe more if you take longer to adjust, and maybe less if you're lying—we're returning home. I'm looking forward to New York. I missed it a lot. But still!

Now, about this blog. 

I started it when we moved to Istanbul over a year ago, and I love that I have a visual representation of our time here—plus all the other random things I've learned, read, and heard about while we're here. I also love all the e-mails from readers I've gotten, and I've loved encouraging you to visit the city (hopefully, you had a great time here). I meant it, always, to be more travel-focused than anything else. 

Clearly, this will no longer be an Istanbul blog, but I hope it'll keep some sort of travel element. (We're working on being permanent nomads, trust me.) Meanwhile, until that happens, this will probably shift from more personal content to completely random topics like books, booze, history, anything weird I read about on the Internet, and also hopefully some more photography-heavy posts (looking forward to trying out some new lenses once we're back home!) We've got some trips coming up this summer and I'm looking forward to exploring more of New York on here. And! I've got a neat project coming up, that I hope you'll enjoy. 

We're still in Istanbul for another month, so I hope to be slipping in some more photographs of this city—and some last tips!