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upstate farmland


(stuck behind a tractor—literally—on our way to dinner)


(a bright spot of morning sun on a picnic table)


(a sleepy, adorable pig—my favorite!)


(a closed bud with a geometric pattern)


(curious cows)


(beautiful cornfields in evening light)


(empty roads)


(...and gossipy old hens)


oh my god

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS TRAILER FOR "THE WITCH"? HAVE YOU? HAVE YOU. I can't WAIT. I do not handle horror films well at all, but apparently I am a complete glutton for punishment. I also love the gray, New England, Puritan aesthetic. It makes for such a haunting backdrop.


aaron turns two


Your first rolls.
Your first visit to the Hagia Sofia.
Your first run-in with a lemon.
Your first steps
Your first time seeing the ocean.
Your first birthday

Happy second.  


a lazy ten days in plymouth


Since we've been on the road I've been attempting to keep this more current, but it hasn't really been working (I still have some photos of Portland and some photos of the Brooklyn Transit Museum—visited last month—to share). But we've just left Massachusetts after a delicious ten days there of doing nothing, so I'd like to revisit these photos.

My parents have a summer house in Plymouth that I've mentioned before. Since they bought it several years ago, Josh and I have visited often: it was, in fact, one of the first stops for us when we returned to the States from South Africa. Since then, we've spent many a quiet weekend there alone, and some spectacular noisy weekends with ginormous groups of friends. We've grilled on the roof, watched the sunset from the beach bar down the road, and taken Aaron splashing at the nearby beach.

This past visit was a little bittersweet. Since we're moving to DC, we'll no longer be able to easily drive up—what was a four hour drive will become a nine hour drive! I can't imagine we'll be going as often if both a plane and a car rental and a small child is involved, so our visits will probably dwindle from fairly regular weekend stays to once-a-year type trips. For now, I'll be looking forward to a trip there in order to attend my little sister's graduation ceremony next May. 

So, this past stay, we made an effort to explore a little outside of our usual haunts. We dropped by this bakery to pick up two slices of pie and ate hot dogs and chips at this cute little country store (that also has a veggie stand and a lobster tank!), and bought some items from this antique store on Main Street. (Oh, yeah, we have an apartment in D.C.! Relief!)

rocks4 veggies beach farm beach2 jam



on main street in chatham


Yesterday we drove an hour to Chatham to get ice cream. I mean, no we didn't, but yes . . . we kind of did. I guess this is what vacation is all about? Our time there coincided with some beautiful late afternoon light and magic hour. I'll keep it short today—I'm trying to get some work done this morning so we can squeeze in a trip to Oak Bluffs before we head to upstate New York this weekend—but here are a few photos of Main Street in Chatham (as well as some beautiful houses I do not own—bummer).