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Friday, October 24, 2014

"death becomes her" at the met

The Costume Institute's fall exhibition, "Death Becomes Her," is now at the Met! It consists of 30 mourning dresses from across a century, from the early 1800s to the Edwardian era. I have a weird preoccupation with historical women's formalwear from that time period and can usually date a dress with bewildering accuracy. (Yes, it's incredibly strange, as well as useless.) I was just thinking how much I wish I could go, except I just remembered that, duh! we'll be back in New York briefly during the holidays in a few months!

P.S. Sorry for the lack of travel posts this week. It was a tiring and trying week for a variety of inane reasons. A Vienna recap, a last handful of photos from Budapest, and some more Istanbul tips coming up for the next. Have a good one!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

thirteen spooky halloween reads

A 40 year old Frenchman who impersonated a missing 14 year old boy from Texas and convinced the boy's own mother that he was her son.

Facebook messages from beyond the grave.

A woman in white, an escape from a mental asylum, an uncanny lookalike, an imposter. (Also, the first recognizable modern day detective story—thank you, Wilkie Collins!)

The bloodbaths of Elizabeth Bathory.

Jezebel's annual spooky story contest from last Halloween.

A kiss before dying.

If you will your body to science, what happens to your body after you die?

A painting of masked revelers at the Venice carnival conceals a portrait of an agonized man, and brings a curse to everyone who owns it.

A young bride arrives at a Cornwall estate to find it haunted by the memory of her predecessor, a woman named Rebecca.

Still gives me nightmares.

Two sentence horror stories.

Come on, it's a classic.

(And no, it wasn't based on Vlad the Impaler.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

new rings!

My new rings arrived from Cleopatra's Bling this past week, and I love them! I'd ordered the blue teardrop-shaped one, but she kindly sent over an extra one: a beautiful oval-shaped stone that's a moody green but has a blue sheen in the light. Both are adjustable, but the opening is on the end of the band rather than at the middle of your finger, so they won't pinch.

You can see and buy her jewelry here. Happily, she ships internationally!

ringdresser4 ringsdresser5 handsring1

Monday, October 20, 2014

aaron, lately

meaaronschonbrunn copy

Aaron's new thing these past few weeks has been to approach every adult male he sees and say, hopefully, "Dada?"

It is so awkward.

(For those wondering, when his actual father asks him to say "dada," he usually bellows, angrily, "MA-MAA!")

Friday, October 17, 2014

the streets and rooftops of morocco


Hope you're having a good Friday. We have friends visiting Istanbul again—we love having people in town!—so we're going to a traditional meyhane tomorrow evening with a group of friends. (If this sounds familiar, it's because we did the exact same thing last weekend). I'm mixing up some afternoon cocktails for some friends on Sunday, and then I turn thirty on Monday. So that's kind of exciting!

Here are a handful of photos from our trip through Morocco several years ago: a mish-mash of Marrakesh and Rabat, plus the medina in Fes. We had originally intended to stop in Casablanca but after realizing we were way, way too broke to see anything nice in the city (and after I fell down an entire flight of stairs in our hotel—seriously), we left. Fortunately, it was the only bust in our trip there. We'd love to go back with one day to drink freshly squeezed orange juice in Marrakech and to eat potato fritters and kofta and eggs at Thami's in Fes. Have a happy, delicious weekend!

moroccocamel moroccocat moroccogarden moroccobuildings moroccanrooftops
moroccowall moroccowhitebuilding moroccoboy moroccoroad moroccosnake